27 August 2022 @ 10.00am – 25 September 2022 @ 5.00pm
Cowhsed Theatre Gallery
Farmleigh Estate

I AM more Blue than YOU, YOU ARE more Green than ME

Colourful abstract artwork by Karen EbbsBiomorphic painting and sculpture installation

Opening speech by Sheena Barrett, Curator, The Lab Gallery on Saturday 3rd September at 2.30pm.

I Am more Blue than You, You Are more Green than Me speaks to the notion that nothing exists in and of itself, that all things come into existence, in many iterations, as a result of a relationship with something else. Relationships are key, and are never more evident than in the phenomena of colour which transcends the analytical mind. As one colour is placed next to another, it forms its own simultaneous contrast. My work begins with colour and colour gives life to the forms which grow both on large-scale canvases and as three-dimensional sculptural forms which travel into the space.

I identify with those perennial seekers whose quest it is to make sense of our world while questioning the very fact of our existence. The making of my work is an act of research, an exploration through material processes which run in tandem with my thinking and lines of inquiry.

My work is concerned with the nature of our existence, the interconnectedness of all that exists, the complexities involved in navigating our world and the act of becoming.
At one point there are no absolutes, just a mutable, broad-spectrum, kaleidoscopic world of contradictions, multiple interpretations and many possibilities. I say, “at one point”, as choice narrows the focus and, in each moment of choice, there exists one possibility; one colour is mixed, one brush mark is made and one form reveals itself. My experience is that the emergent work expands my perception of the world around me – a world forged through the synthesis of a series of interactions. There is a possibility of seeing new things and/or seeing things anew.

Research in the areas of cutting-edge science, philosophy and psychology underpins my work. I am influenced by the expressive, experimental aesthetics of the avant-garde, abstract art movement, the Art Informel movement in Europe, and in particular, by American Abstract Expressionism. A small selection of contemporary artists of interest to me are Jessica Stockholder, Sarah Sze, David Reed, Mark Francis, Vivian Suter, Juan Uslé, Isa Genzken, Charlene Von Hey, Tomma Abts, Donald Baechler, Loie Hollowell, and Lawrence Weiner.

From: 27.08.2022 – 25.09.2022

Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday 10am to 5pm


Invigilated by Matthew Coll.