The Wild Bogs of Ireland – An Irish Peatland Conservation Council talk. @ Farmleigh House
Oct 8 @ 3.00pm – 4.00pm

Peatlands are wetland habitats which cover 3% of the earth’s surface. They are home to unique flora and fauna and are Ireland’s last true wilderness.

Explore the formation of peatlands in Ireland with the Irish Peatland Conservation Council and gain an understanding into their importance in terms of climate change, biodiversity and the challenges they face.

Learn how IPCC are working to protect and conserve a representative portion of peatlands in Ireland for future generations to enjoy and what you can do to help conserve peatlands.

Visit the website to learn all about the Save the Bogs Campaign and to arrange a visit to the Bog of Allen Nature Centre.

Doors open 2.30, talk begins at 3pm.

Close up of green bog plant with purple tentacles. Water droplets and fly trapped in tentacles.

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