June 16, 2019 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Farmleigh Ballroom
Great Music in Irish Houses
Dublin Musical Saunter @ Farmleigh Ballroom

Dublin Musical Saunter 2 by Great Music in Irish Houses Festival

A John O’Conor Celebration

This second concert in the 2019 Dublin Musical Saunter demonstrates the successes of some of John O’Conor’s students at international competitions around the world. An impressive line-up of pianists from home and abroad, Finghin Collins, Soo Jung Ann, Lance Coburn, Alexander Bernstein and Sae Yoon Chon will perform. The programme includes five works by Irish composers who were commissioned by the Dublin International Piano Competition over its 30-year history and of which John O’Conor is co-founder and Artistic Director.

Elaine Agnew: Seagull
Vine: Five Bagatelles
John Kinsella: Reflection II
Marian Ingoldsby: Exchange:The Irish and Normans Mingle at the Fair from the Ros Tapestry Suite
David Byers: A Full Moon
Amy Beach: A Hermit Thrush at Eve, op 92 no 1
Deirdre Gribbin: Unseen
Rachmaninov: Lilacs, op 21 no 5 Daisies, op 38
Gráinne Mulvey: Interference Patterns
Frederic Rzewski: Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues

When: Sunday 16 June
Time: 15:00 – 16:30
Where: Farmleigh Ballroom
Tickets €10 – €15 on www.eventbrite.ie