Rules of Admission

Regulations for the use of the Benjamin Iveagh Library Farmleigh

1.Opening Times and General Conditions
1.1 Potential readers must apply by post, telephone, or e-mail for an appointment  to consult material.
1.2 Applicants shall submit a statement describing their research project. While  every effort will be made to facilitate potential readers it should be noted that  the library may only be usedwhere specific required material is not reasonably  available elsewhere.
1.3 The Library shall normally be open from Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to  1.00 pm and from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.
1.4 The Librarian must be present at all times when material is being consulted.
1.5 The Library may be closed occasionally and at short notice for security  reasons if Farmleigh  is being used for certain Government events.
1.6 Smoking, eating and drinking are not permitted in the Library.
1.7 One reader at a time will be permitted to consult material.
1.8 The use of copying devices, mobile telephones and personal radios and stereos  is prohibited.
1.9 Coats and bags (except pocketbooks/handbags) may not be brought into the  Library.  The  Library will not accept responsibility for Readers' property.
1.10 The Attendance Book must be signed daily.
1.11 Readers are not allowed to bring unauthorised visitors into the Library.

2.Use of Printed Works and Manuscripts
2.1 Readers shall produce a letter of introduction from the faculty of a university,  or another form of identification such as a passport or a student card.
2.2 Permission to use the Library shall be withdrawn at any time from any person  who refuses to comply with regulations.
2.3 Material is issued at the discretion of the Librarian.
2.4 Only pencils may be used to take notes when consulting material.
2.5 Material must be handled with great care and the instructions of the Librarian  in this regard must be followed.  Readers must not place their hands or any  object on the open page. Appropriate book restraints will be provided if  required.  Readers may be asked to place an  item on a book-rest or to use  gloves. Readers should not lean on the books or manuscripts, place them face  down on any surface, annotate, or mark them in any way.  Readers are not  permitted to use erasers in the Library.  
2.6 Laptops may be used.
2.7 Only one volume or folder will be issued at any one time.
2.8 Collections of papers must be kept in the order in which they are received.

3. Photocopies Photographs etc.
3.1 Photocopying of material in the Library is not permitted
3.2 Digital photographs may be ordered from the Librarian.
3.3 No material shall be photographed by any person with his/her own camera  without the  express permission of the Librarian. Where permission is  granted negatives or copies on CD  should be deposited in the Library.
3.4 No material shall be traced.

4. Publication and Reproduction
4.1 Any person desiring to publish, in whole or in part, any book or manuscript  belonging to the Library, must first apply in writing for permission to do so  from the Librarian who will in turn consult the relevant parties. Permission to  publish  shall be at the discretion of the Governors and Guardians of  Marsh's Library and the said Governors and Guardians along with the  Commissioners of Public Works  shall be acknowledged in any such published  material.

5. Conclusion
5.1 In case of dispute concerning the implementation of the above rules , the final  decision rests with the Librarian.
5.2 Regulations may be amended from time to time.  The Regulations in force are  those of the latest date and supersede all previous Regulations.

Contact Details

Julia Cummins, BA hons., H dip. LIS, MA Des.
Assistant Librarian
Dublin 15.
Tel. 00 353 (0) 1 8155908